what we did together

Introducing the rebrand for Aldea, a venture capital platform focused on celebrating Europe’s brightest ideas. We are proud to have partnered with such an exceptional team focused on deep technologies with the potential to fundamentally shift and reshape business as we know it, in a responsible and sustainable way. We centered the core concept in access as true partnership is at the heart of how Aldea operates by providing access for emerging fund managers and visionary founders that are forging the path for frontier technologies.

  • Brand identity
  • brand strategy
  • audience Research
  • website

our goal

We designed and built the new Aldea website prioritizing the ease of information sharing, a focus on community and Aldea’s unique hybrid model. Fostering relationships with Europe’s boldest innovators is at the core of what they do and we wanted to highlight that as much as possible.


Our custom made wordmark for Aldea was inspired by the Art Nouveau movement which often drew from nature through taking organic subjects and flattening and abstracting them into sophisticated, sinuous, and flowing motifs.

Barcelona, Aldea’'s homebase, is the center for Catalan Art Nouveau architecture. This wordmark brings history and inspiration to the forefront.


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