Recasetify: Earth Day

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Introducing the global campaign we designed for CASETiFY's groundbreaking Re/CASETiFY program. Re/CASETiFY is the largest phone recycling initiative worldwide. CASETiFY has recycled over 430,000 phone cases to date, and is fully committed to eliminating all virgin plastic from the supply chain by 2030. 

The campaign, "Re/CLAIM.Re/IMAGINE.Re/CASETiFY," pays homage to the familiar phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle.” It is a rallying cry to reclaim and reimagine how we create as artists, how we participate as consumers, and how we contribute to a future worth fighting for.

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Our Goal

As part of the campaign, CASETiFY created a program entitled Re/CASETiFY ART. For the first phase of this campaign we tapped artists at the intersection of design and circularity, including Crosby Studios founder Harry Nuriev, New York-based creative Nik Bentel, and Seoul-based creative Jaehun Oh. These artists were tasked to reimagine the possibilities of otherwise discarded phone cases. We created and produced the videos for this campaign, encapsulating the processes of all three artists working in their respective studios with the discarded phone materials and creating their one-of-a-kind art pieces.

From captivating onsite activations in Seoul to convenient phone drop-off locations in Los Angeles, we're reaching communities far and wide about the importance of circularity.

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