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Stojo has created a collapsible, sustainable cup that enables coffee and tea lovers alike to carry their preferred beverage on-the-go, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. This product is a darling of the sustainability movement, embraced by influencers and changemakers alike. As they continue to build out their product line, they needed support building out their brand narrative through social media and PR.


Social Media

Creative Strategy
Public Relations

Photo Art Direction

What They Do:

Wilde is the first streaming platform completely dedicated to women-driven content.


Why They Do It:

Over 75% of women do not feel seen or understood by the media they consume, so Wilde developed a platform in which “women-led” was more than just a category. Wilde’s streaming content is 100% women-led, 100% women-directed, and 80% women produced. They also developed a proprietary algorithm, which they run scripts through before licensing them, to ensure the content doesn't include any harmful stereotypes or bias against women.


What We Did Together:

Scout Lab developed Wilde’s brand identity.


Upright Oats is a sustainable, affordable oat milk brand focused on providing healthy and affordable options for parents and kids.


Milk alternatives can create a lot of waste and many options are costly, making oat milk out of reach for young families. Upright is focused on creating delicious, sustainable, and accessible options that serve the greater good.


As Upright’s creative partner, Scout Lab developed a new end-to-end brand strategy and identity across all packaging and channels including social and digital. Our team created everything from a new tagline and mission to a website and new packaging designed to make Upright a fun and easy choice for all.

Before & After


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