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Automattic is the most acclaimed thought leader on the topic of distributed teams. The company itself is fully distributed, spread across more than 60 countries. As distributed work is adopted by more and more organizations, there are processes and systems needed in order to support the shifting work dynamic. Having built tools for their own internal distributed workflows, Automattic set out to refine and package those tools in order to share them with companies around the world that are partially or fully distributed. The result? Happy Tools: A suite of products that enables the modern workforce, no matter where it is or what makes it go.

The Automattic team came to Scout Lab to create the Happy Tools full brand identity and positioning for its inaugural product, Happy Schedule. First, we built out a Brand Audit, which included industry and ethnographic research, persona development, user journey, and competitive analysis. From that foundation, we then delivered the full brand identity for Happy Tools, inclusive of positioning and visual identity, through our proprietary Brand Sprint. In order to distill the essence of Happy Tools and its first product, Happy Schedule, we created a brand video for the launch to be used onsite, across marketing channels, and PR.

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