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Teressa Foglia is a milliner who specializes in high-end, bespoke hats. She learned the art and craft of hatmaking in the south of France and was ready to codify her brand in order to bring her masterpieces to the United States. 

Having gained mastery over hatmaking, she now needed to create a brand identity that captured the intention and inspiration that each of her creations embodied. Though hatmaking had seen a decline in overall production, her goal was to refresh the practice and offer a refreshed and contemporary story for hats and what they represent to its wearer. 

Through a Brand Sprint, our team delivered a Brand Audit that identified the lay of the land as it related to the hat making industry. We identified major areas of opportunity for Teressa to capture the attention of the modern consumer who is looking for products that represent their values: sustainability, travel, art, and so much more. Our team crafted a brand identity for the Teressa Foglia brand, which then led to her Brooklyn retail store as well as her e-commerce site. She’s been featured in Marie Claire, Vogue, and Glamour, and can be found in stores like Bergdorf Goodman.

“The Scout Lab team brought my creative vision to life in a strategic and methodical process that allowed me to launch my brand. Not only did they bring a breadth of experience in retail, eCommerce and brand strategy to the table, but they took the time to truly understand my perspective and what I envisioned for my brand. They were instrumental creative partners in launching both my website and brick and mortar shop.”

- Teressa Foglia, Owner and CEO

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